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About psychic readings

What is psychic reading?
A psychic reading is a way of getting practical insight and advice from an objective source about issues you may be facing or questions you may have. It can be a way to discover what may happen next. More often though it defines the choices you have and emphasizes your freedom of choice. A reading can show you certain paths that may not have been clear to you before, or offer a different and helpful perspective on your situation. Readings are given over the telephone or via SMS or live chat by our experienced Friends. All readings are for entertainment only and you must be over 18.

What sort of people are Psychic Friends?
To some degree everyone is psychic. We all have natural intuition or “sixth sense”. However, as well as being able to interpret non-verbal communication for instance voice tone and speech rhythms, experienced psychics tune in to the energies emanating from people (sometimes called their aura) and can derive insights from this energy. Several tools such as Tarot cards, runes and palmistry can be used in conjunction with this natural ability. Thus all our Psychic Friends adhere to a strict code of conduct to ensure that any consultation is appropriate and helpful.

How do telephone readings work?
Telephone readings work in much the same way as face to face readings. The Psychic Friend tunes into the person they are guiding and observes their natural energies. In addition, they may use non verbal cues, such as voice tone and speech rhythms to derive additional insights. Some Psychic Friends use other tools such as Tarot cards, astrology or crystals to focus or add strength to their insights. Thus, there is no need for the person receiving a reading to be present in the same room as the psychic.

Psychic readings and your health
Our experienced Psychic Friends can give excellent guidance on your wellbeing. You will find them ready to discuss how your lifestyle combines with your natural energies to affect you physically and spiritually. However, it is important to remember that few psychics are medically qualified. If you are ill, please seek professional medical advice.

Psychic readings and financial advice
Psychic Friends can provide you with excellent guidance on managing your career and money. They will also discuss how your personal strengths and natural energies combine to influence your material success. Nevertheless, our Friends are not qualified to give you financial or investment advice. If you need this, please seek professional advice.

How long will my reading take?
If you call on a UK or Irish premium rate line, your call will end automatically after 19.6 minutes. This is in accordance with the regulations laid down by PhonepayPlus, which state that Premium Line calls can cost a maximum of £30. PhonepayPlus is the body that regulates providers on Premium Line telephone services in the UK. In Eire, callers will hear a prompt at 12.5 minutes (30 Euros spend) and will need to actively choose to continue with their consultation by pressing a button on their handset. Premium lines are regulated in Eire by Comreg and further information is available at Calls paid for using a credit card are not regulated in the same way.

What should I do before a consultation with Psychic Friends?
Before a reading, try to prepare yourself and your environment. This can be especially helpful if you haven't had a reading before or you're consulting a Psychic Friend that you haven’t spoken to before. Firstly, create a peaceful environment. Then think carefully about why you’re calling. If several things trouble you, or you want several questions answered, prioritise your reasons for calling. Remember, when you're distracted by noise coming from other people, traffic, television or the radio, it’s hard for the Psychic Friend to tune into your energy. So make sure you're in a peaceful environment before making the call.  

About Psychic Friends

What different types of Friends are there?
There are three main types of Psychic Friend:
  • Astrologer. An astrologer draws up an astrological map from a birthdate, time and place of birth for a person or an event, like a storm or an eclipse. Mapping the horoscope requires scientific skills. After this, the astrologer can interpret the meaning of the planets in the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the 12 houses of the horoscope, to identify individual tendencies and lifetime potentials.
  • Clairvoyant. A clairvoyant has 'clear sight' - the ability to see a spirit person or people and objects some distance away and describe details about them to others; they may also be able to see past or future events.
  • Medium. A medium can serve as an intermediary between the living and the dead or other spirit beings, contacting them and asking questions on behalf of the living.
If you want to talk to a particular type of Psychic Friend, you can find them using our search facility on most pages.

How can I find the right Psychic Friend for me?
Finding the right Friend is a very personal matter. You need someone you feel comfortable with, who understands your issues and is competent to help you. You can choose from a large number of Friends. Each has a detailed description on their own profile page. To use our search facility (available on most pages) select the attributes you want. For instance, you may want to select a particular type of psychic, such as an astrologer or a medium. Alternatively, you might want experience in a particular area, i.e. money or family or one who uses a particular tool, like the Tarot cards. Limit your search to Friends who are currently available. You can combine your requirements by, for instance, searching for a medium who uses Tarot cards. Do remember, though, the more selective you are, the less chance you have of finding a suitable Friend. You have a better chance if you ignore one or two of the search options. Another option is to search using keywords. If you want to find Friends who use runes, simply type 'runes' into the keyword search box. If you want to find a Psychic Friend by name, simply type their name into the keyword search.

How do we select our Psychic Friends?
All our consultants are fully trained professionals and are highly respected in their individual fields. We recruit from established organisations, such as The Astrological Association of Great Britain, the Company of Astrologers, the Faculty of Astrology and the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS). Before they start working for us, we take references and assess the quality of their work. All potential recruits must complete test readings with two experienced managers. This allows us to judge the reader’s accuracy, tone of voice, style of consultation and level of engagement. Each test reading takes at least 20 minutes. We then explain our code of conduct to them, ensure they understand it, and ask them to sign up to it. We monitor them while they work with us to ensure that their work is of a high standard.

What Code of Conduct do our Friends follow?
Psychic Friends agree to our code of conduct; To uphold the highest professional standards at all times; To treat all clients equally without prejudice or discrimination; Never to be rude or abusive to a client; Never to become personally involved with a client; To retain client confidentiality at all times; To encourage people to accept responsibility for their own lives; To direct clients to recognised organisations, should they feel that a client needs professional help; in particular, if asked about health issues, they must advise that appropriate medical advice should be sought, and must not advise on medical procedures or attempt to offer a diagnosis; likewise, if asked about financial issues, they must advise that appropriate financial advice should be sought, and must not advise on investments or other financial instruments; Not to provide services to any member of the public who they have reason to believe is undergoing psychiatric treatment or is involved in alcohol or drug abuse; Not to provide services to any member of the public who they have reason to believe is under 18 years of age. If you feel that one of our Psychic Friends has failed to follow this code, then please contact us.

Can I work as a Psychic Friend?
Due to the popularity of our services, we are always looking for new Psychic Friends. In order to qualify, applicants need to provide references and to prove that they have considerable experience in psychic reading. In addition, we ask potential recruits to complete test readings with two of our managers. We monitor new Friends thoroughly for the first three months; thereafter, more lightly but on a regular basis. All Psychic Friends must sign up to and adhere to our code of conduct. Follow the link become a psychic friend for more information.

Paying for readings

How much do readings cost?
Readings cost £1.50 a minute (or part of a minute) on our premium rate line in the UK and €2.40 in Eire. Calls made to premium lines in the UK will cost a maximum of £30 and €47 in Eire (you will need to confirm you wish to continue after €30 in Eire). Please note that your phone company (landline, cable or mobile) may add a surcharge to the advertised rate. The surcharge will vary depending on your telephone company. Please see our detailed terms and conditions.

Introductory Offer: First time callers who register their details with our advisors are eligible to obtain 10 free minutes when they purchase a 20 minute reading. Purchase price for a 20 minute reading is £30.60 and you will receive an additional 10 minutes free. These free minutes must be used on the first reading, therefore your first reading will be 30 minutes in duration but you will only pay for 20 minutes.

How do I pay for a reading?
You can pay for a reading in two ways – by credit card or though the use of a premium phone line. If you choose to use our SMS service your mobile phone bill will show a charge of £1.50 per message response you receive. You will receive 2 message responses per question. Total cost £3 + network extras.

What will show on my credit/debit card bill?
The wording on your credit card bill will read 'LIVEGURU'.

What should I do if I am unhappy with the service I received?
We take any complaints we receive very seriously. If you have a complaint about the site or about the service you have received from one of our readers, please get in touch by telephoning our customer helpline on 0800 472 5011 during normal office hours. Alternatively, you can write to us at Psychic Friends, 7 Swallow Place, London W1B 2AG or email us at If you are not satisfied with the response that you receive from us following the use of one of our premium lines (but not our credit card lines), you can contact the regulator PhonepayPlus.  

About Us

Who owns Psychic Friends?
This website is owned and managed by LiveGuru Ltd, 7 Swallow Place, London W1B 2AG.

Why should I trust you?
At Psychic Friends, we have very strong ethical principles. We recognise that while some visitors to our site are here for fun, many others are looking for serious advice. Therefore: We carefully select all our readers to ensure they are qualified and monitor them continuously. We promise to respond promptly to complaints and concerns that our users have. We comply with the requirements of PhonepayPlus and Comreg, the independent bodies that supervise the standards for telephone information services. We also have our own code of practice that goes further than the PhonepayPlus requirements.

What should I do if I have a problem using the website or our services?
If you have a problem using our website or services and you are unable to find the solution on this FAQ page, then please telephone our customer services helpline during normal office hours on 0800 472 5011 (you can leave a message if you telephone outside office hours). If you have a general question about the site or a suggestion for improvement then please get in touch with us. You can write to: Customer Services, Psychic Friends, 7 Swallow Place, London W1B 2AG. Or you can email us at

How can I contact you?
All our contact details are listed on our Contact Us page. We love to hear from you so if you have a comment to make, anything you really like, something you want to see on the site, an idea you think we could use, or an area you think we could improve, please get in touch.

What does the site contain?
As well as providing access to our psychic reading services, the site contains information about psychic readings, daily horoscopes, games and quizzes. You can find a Site map here.

Where are your Terms and Conditions?
You can find the details of our Terms and Conditions here.

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